What is Chemical Demolition?

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What is Chemical Demolition? Unveiling the Power of ROCK-X and ROCK-XX by Rock Busters

Greetings Rock and Concreted Breaking Enthusiasts!

In the realm of rock and concrete breaking, the term “Chemical Demolition” might sound a tad technical. Fear not, for today, we’re explaining just what this powerful technique is, and we’ve got some groundbreaking new ‘Chemical Demolition’ products to introduce – Rock Busters’ new and improved expanding grout: ROCK-X and ROCK-XX.

First Thing’s First: What Exactly is Chemical Demolition?

Chemical demolition, otherwise known as expansive grout demolition, is a technique that leverages the power of chemical reactions to break down rock and concrete. It’s a controlled and efficient method, instrumental in situations where traditional mechanical methods may be impractical or unsafe. Chemical demolition or expanding grout is as easy as mixing, pouring, waiting and breaking!

And why is there X and XX? 

Rock-X is the standard expanding grout which is similar to others on the market. With the difference being that it is stronger and opens the cracks up wider than its competitors on the market. It is used in 1.5”-2” diameter holes with 1’-2’ spacings

Rock-XX is something completely new to the market. This amazing grout allows you to go into 3” to 4.5” diameter holes with wide spacings of 3’ to 5’

With grout you can drill any depth holes up to 20’ deep.

We now have 3 new additives that take them to a whole new level.

Sub-Zero additive that makes the product usable down to -10 degrees C / 14 F

Power Boost additive that makes the grout work faster and gives it added strength

Blow Out Blocker additive that is a retardant that slows the cure time down preventing blowouts from occurring

Where Expanding Grout Shines:

Breaking Bedrock:

Scenario: You’re working on a construction site, and the foundation requires excavation through stubborn bedrock. Maybe you’re somewhere remote, or maybe you’re in the middle of a busy residential neighborhood – in either situation expanding grout is silent, precise, and efficient in rock breaking – suiting both of these job types well!

Solution: Expanding grout, like ROCK-X or ROCK-XX, can be injected into strategically drilled holes. As it reacts and expands, it fractures the bedrock, making excavation more manageable.

Boulder Breaking:

Scenario: A large boulder stands in the way of your project and removing it piece by piece is a daunting task.

Solution: Introduce expanding grout! Drill, inject, and let the grout work its magic. The boulder fractures, allowing for safer and more straightforward removal.

Precision Demolition:

Scenario: You’re working on a site with delicate structures nearby or in an urban setting, and traditional methods might pose risks.

Solution: Chemical demolition offers precision. Expanding grout allows controlled fracture points, minimizing the risk of collateral damage.

Breaking Concrete:

Scenario: A thick slab of concrete needs fracturing for removal and a fresh restart! This could be anything from a simple foundation slab of concrete to industrial concrete pillars or hydro dam surfaces.

Solution: Chemical demolition can be utilized for breaking similar to how it is used in bedrock situations (for flat thick slabs) or like in boulder breaking (for pillars and other shaped concrete).

Introducing ROCK-X and ROCK-XX: Your Time-Saving Allies

Rock Busters has stepped up the game with our latest expanding grout formulations, specifically engineered for different drill sizes.

ROCK-X (For Standard Drills):

Improved Formula: Our engineers have fine-tuned the formula to require fewer drill holes, enhancing efficiency.

Time and Money Saver: With ROCK-X, your team spends less time drilling, translating to significant cost savings without compromising results.

ROCK-XX (For Big Drills):

Powerful Performance: Designed for larger projects, ROCK-XX maintains the power of expansive grout with a formulation optimized for big drills. Similar to ROCK-X, this expanding grout product saves on drilling time, reduces product amount, and is designed to save money – increasing your project’s profitability and margins.

Efficiency Redefined: With ROCK-XX, even the most substantial rock-breaking projects become more time and cost-efficient.

Increasing Efficiency in Your Projects Using Chemical Demolition

With ROCK-X and ROCK-XX, Rock Busters is redefining chemical demolition with these awesome new expanding grout products. With less drilling required, more powerful expansion, and unparalleled efficiency ROCK-X and ROCK-XX is changing the game in chemical demolition. Whether you’re a contractor tackling a basement bedrock removal job or a DIY enthusiast facing a boulder on your property, our expanding grout products are your allies in the big wide world of rock and concrete breaking.

Ready to elevate your projects? Discover the power of ROCK-X and ROCK-XX – message or call us to order now! Your breakthrough awaits!

Keep rockin’,

Dennis Wager & The Rock Busters Team

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