Safe and reliable low-noise blasting.


This rock breaking cartridge is the central item in the system. Available in a multitude of diameters, lengths and charge weights to fit a wide range of applications


Initiation systems are used to initiate Royex cartridges. These come available in electrical and shock tube versions with or without timing.


Initiation machienes and more – get in touch to order  systems are used to initiate Royex cartridges. These come available in electrical and shock tube versions with or without timing.

The Industry’s Most Trusted Low-Noise Rock Blasting Explosive System

Explosive system for low noise blasting.

Concrete blocks

Use for blasting large project concrete blocks, pillers, hydro dams, and more!

Bedrock & boulders

Use for blasting through tough landscapes, bedrock, and boulders!

Your next blasting project just got easier. Connect with our team to purchase!

See Royex In Action:

Are you un-certified? 


We provide industry training so you can start working with this amazing concrete block & bedrock-busting explosive system!

ROYEX Training Program Details

ROYEX is ahead of the curve in the deflagrating explosives world and has quickly become one of the most sought-after 1.4S products in the global market.

Why choose ROYEX?

  • Minimal Noise
  • Minimal Vibrations
  • Minimal Fly-Rock
  • Minimal Gas Emissions

Royex can be used in areas where high explosives are prohibited and can make previously financially draining projects more manageable. REGISTER NOW for our 2-day online ROYEX training program and get certified immediately.


This 2-day training will provide students with an in-depth understanding of the science and principles
behind deflagration. Students will learn the difference between deflagration and detonation as well as
how to apply Royex to your project. We will go over the safe use of explosives in the workplace and
provide our students with the knowledge and confidence to feel secure when looking at rock-breaking
jobs with 1.4S explosives.


This 2-day workshop is intended for those looking to add deflagration into their toolbox. Whether it be
for commercial or private applications, Apex wants to ensure that our students are practicing
appropriate safety protocol. At the end of the course, we will be having a day in the field where students
can apply the knowledge gained from the class to use the product first hand. Afterwards, an exam will
take place, students in the 80th percentile will be awarded a certification to use, store, and buy Royex.


Although this course is open to the general public, we recommend students have a registered 1.4S
explosive storage magazine. This is to ensure they can properly store the Royex sent to them for the day
in the field. If this isn’t possible, Apex will still train you but we cannot send the product until we have a
registered magazine ID for the field day, which we can do at a later date.



After graduation from this course students will:

  • Have an understanding of how to estimate
  • Sufficient understanding of the science and principles behind deflagration
    Be familiar with the safe use, transportation, and storage of Royex.
  • Be able to design a blast log and choose the right cartridges
  • Have knowledge on the regulations related to 14S Explosives