Our Principles: What Makes Us the Best in the Rock & Concrete Breaking Business

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What do we break?

We break rock, boulder, and concrete – and we love doing it! Rock and concrete are hard, solid substances that respond with the same characteristics when breaking, crushing, or cutting them.

They both have a variance in the hardness of the material. Rock type and hardness can be measured by the MOHS scale. Concrete can be measured by the MPA compressive strength factoring in any amount of rebar.

How do we break things?

Breaking either material requires a force greater than the hardness of the material you are breaking.

Compressive strength is used with mechanical means like jackhammers or hydraulic hammers.

Tensile strength is used with drilling and splitting or blasting. Both rock and concrete break much easier using its tensile strength since they do not have as much resistance.

What do we specialize in?

We are your ultimate partner in breaking barriers and conquering challenges in the rock and concrete removal industry. At Rock Busters, we don’t just believe in our products, we know they are the best on the market for all things blasting, breaking, splitting, and sawing. Whether you need products, rentals, or specialized tools, Rock Busters has you covered.

We specialize in jobs where blasting with High Explosives is not allowed for any reason including sensitive areas or smaller jobs. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we are who people call when a little bit of extra help, knowledge and expertise are required to execute a project. 

When you chose to join forces with Rock Busters, you get to experience the power of precision, efficiency, and reliability in every project. Break free from limitations and achieve new heights with Rock Busters by your side.

Have a question about our team and what we do? Get in touch with our team, we’re always happy to help!

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