Rock Busters Training Center

Rock Busters Training Center is a resource open to everyone, whether you are already breaking rocks or want to get started. Our courses are extensive and provide detailed information and techniques on blasting, using expanding grout & working with rock splitters. The content in our courses is based on years of research and professional experience in the blasting and demolition industry.

We aim to enhance your knowledge & skills and completing our courses in Royex and Expanding grout also enables you to become a reseller.

Training FAQ

Covering our most Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this training for?
  • Landscapers
  • Concrete Cutters
  • Demolition Contractors
  • Blasters
  • Construction Companies
  • Mining Contractors
Why should you do this training?
  • Enhance your knowledge and know-how to break a rock, reinforced hardened concrete or granite
  • Learn new techniques to break rocks
  • Become a reseller for best Expanding Grout in the market or Royex an alternative for blasting rocks
  • Do what you love to just by learning a bit more to be safe and be more efficient at the job site

Course Details

Ready to take a course?

ROYEX Training Program

ROYEX is ahead of the curve in the deflagrating explosives world and has quickly become one of the most sought-after 1.4S products in the global market.

Why choose ROYEX?

  • Minimal Noise
  • Minimal Vibrations
  • Minimal Fly-Rock
  • Minimal Gas Emissions

Royex can be used in areas where high explosives are prohibited and can make previously financially draining projects more manageable. REGISTER NOW for our 2-day online ROYEX training program and get certified immediately.


This 2-day training will provide students with an in-depth understanding of the science and principles
behind deflagration. Students will learn the difference between deflagration and detonation as well as
how to apply Royex to your project. We will go over the safe use of explosives in the workplace and
provide our students with the knowledge and confidence to feel secure when looking at rock-breaking
jobs with 1.4S explosives.


This 2-day workshop is intended for those looking to add deflagration into their toolbox. Whether it be
for commercial or private applications, Apex wants to ensure that our students are practicing
appropriate safety protocol. At the end of the course, we will be having a day in the field where students
can apply the knowledge gained from the class to use the product first hand. Afterwards, an exam will
take place, students in the 80th percentile will be awarded a certification to use, store, and buy Royex.


Although this course is open to the general public, we recommend students have a registered 1.4S
explosive storage magazine. This is to ensure they can properly store the Royex sent to them for the day
in the field. If this isn’t possible, Apex will still train you but we cannot send the product until we have a
registered magazine ID for the field day, which we can do at a later date.



After graduation from this course students will:

  • Have an understanding of how to estimate
  • Sufficient understanding of the science and principles behind deflagration
    Be familiar with the safe use, transportation, and storage of Royex.
  • Be able to design a blast log and choose the right cartridges
  • Have knowledge on the regulations related to 14S Explosives
EXPANDING GROUT Training Program

EXPANDING GROUT is a Canadian developed Expanding Grout, an eco-friendly solution for Concrete or Rock’s demolition. 


  • Easy to Use
  • Eliminate Safety Risk
  • Cost Effective
  • Environmentally Friendly
SPLITTERS Training Program




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