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Rock Demolition Services

No job is too big or too small for Rock Busters. From the moment you contact us for a quote until the moment we leave you with our project complete, we promise to meet your needs and raise your expectations.

Rock Splitting

We have experience with a wide range of rock sizes & types – meaning we know how to best fracture & remove any rock blocking the success of your project.

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Boulder Splitting

We have experience with a wide range of boulder sizes & types – meaning we know how to best fracture & remove all your projects problem boulders!

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Non-Explosive Expanding Grout

Our company specializes in bedrock demo & removal for residential, mining & large development projects.

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Residential Rock Demolition

We work within a wide range of municipalities & regions across both Canada & the USA. Making us a familiar, trusted provider for all residential rock and demolition residential projects in North America.

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Mine Rock Splitting/ Tunneling

We have ample experience assisting in tough rock blocks in mining, splitting and tunneling project.

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Pipeline Rock Breaking

We assist in safe, fast, and effective rock breaking, blasting, and removal for pipeline projects.

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Underwater Marine Rock Splitting

Our team does underwater rock breaking! We have experience fracturing submerged rock, boulders, and bedrock faces.

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Environmental Disaster Relief

Our team assists in aiding and recovering areas from landslides, mudslides, and storm impacts! Get in touch and learn more about how we have helped in environmental disasters.

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