Breaking Barriers (& Rock): A Guide to Expanding Grout Types for Every Climate

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When it comes to rock breaking, one solution doesn’t fit all. As a leading provider of rock-breaking products, services, and equipment serving customers in North America and around the world, we understand the diverse climates and conditions our customers face. To address these challenges, we offer a range of expanding grout types tailored to different temperature ranges. All our expanding grout products come in the types explored in this article to best suit your project’s climate. We’ll introduce you to our expanding grout types and explain when and where each type performs optimally.

Type 0: Conquering Extreme Heat (40-50°C)

Best Suited Region: Saudi Arabia and Desert Climates

In scorching regions like Saudi Arabia, where temperatures can soar between 40-50 degrees Celsius, the Type 0 expanding grout is the solution of choice. Its unique formula ensures reliable rock breaking even in the most extreme heat. If you’re working in desert climates or similar hot environments, Type 0 is your go-to option for efficient and safe rock breaking year-round.

Rock Breaking Products in the Desert Region

Type 1: Thriving in Warm Climates (25-40°C)

Best Suited Region: North America, Mediterranean, and Tropical Regions

For regions with warm climates like North America, the Mediterranean, and tropical areas, Type 1 expanding grout is the perfect match. With an optimal temperature range of 25-40°C, it excels in these conditions. Whether you’re breaking rocks during the hot summer months or in milder seasons, Type 1 ensures consistent results and high performance.

Rock Breaking in the Mountain Region In Texas, USA

Type 2: Versatility in Moderate Climates (10-25°C)

Best Suited Region: North America, Europe, and Moderate Climate Zones

Type 2 expanding grout offers versatility for a wide range of climates, making it suitable for North America, Europe, and regions with moderate climate zones. With its temperature range of 10-25°C, this expanding grout adapts to the changing seasons, ensuring reliable rock breaking even in regions with fluctuating temperatures.

Rock Breaking in the Mountain Region In Utah, USA

Type 3: Tackling Cold Conditions (-5-10°C)

Best Suited Region: Northern North America, Scandinavia, and Cold Climate Areas

In frigid regions like Northern North America and Scandinavia, where temperatures can drop below freezing, Type 3 expanding grout comes to the rescue. Designed to perform exceptionally well in cold conditions with a range of -5-10°C, it ensures efficient rock breaking even when the mercury plummets. If you’re operating in cold climate areas, Type 3 is your trusted ally.

Rock Breaking in the Colder Mountain Region In Virginia, USA

No matter where you are in the world or what environmental challenges you face, our expanding grout types are engineered to deliver exceptional results. From the scorching deserts of Saudi Arabia to the icy landscapes of Northern North America, Beautiful British Columbia, and Far Norths of Canada, we’ve got the right expanding grout for your specific needs. Simply choose the grout specific to your project’s drill size, and then type that matches your climate. You’ll be breaking through barriers with ease, no matter the season.

Have a question about our rock-breaking products? Let’s get connected – send us a message on our Contact Us page. We’re your partner in rock-breaking, ensuring your success in every condition.

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