Unique Landscape Rocks & Architectural Stones

Beautiful Blasted Split Granite. Create your one-of-a-kind address rock or build a custom retaining wall!

Delivery placed by Crane or Dump Truck. We do installations and rock breaking and removal as well. Price includes local delivery, call for more information or a free estimate!

Our stones are: Cut and crafted with attention to detail, these stunning stones are designed to elevate the aesthetic appeal of any outdoor or indoor space, be it a grand estate, a contemporary office building, or a cozy residential cottage retreat. Each piece of our landscape stone is sourced from our job sites – beautiful and unique. Inquire about particular rock types – from unique quartz cuts to bold sophisticated granite!

Embrace the versatility of our architectural stone – seamlessly integrating it into various design styles, from classic and traditional to contemporary and avant-garde. Whether you seek to create a statement piece or a harmonious backdrop, our stones offer endless possibilities for architects, designers, and homeowners alike.

Connect with us for more details on our current stone types – or inquire about ordering to your specific project needs!

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All our products & services are continuously tried, tested, used, and improved by experts in the rock and concrete breaking industry.

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Sizes, Types & Shapes

We offer a range of stone types, colors, shapes and finishes to suit every architectural vision. Not only do our architectural stones captivate the eye, but they also possess exceptional durability and longevity. These stones are carefully selected for their strength and resilience, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Whether it's enduring heavy foot traffic, withstanding the elements, or retaining their luster for decades, our architectural stones are built to withstand the test of time.

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