The best-expanding grout for small-medium sized drilling, blasting, or excavating projects.

Select the appropriate Grout Type for your rock or concrete project’s temperature.

  • Type #3: -5 to 10 degrees Celsius (cold climate)
  • Type #2: 10 to 25 degrees Celsius (moderate climate)
  • Type #1: 25 to 40 degrees Celsius (hot climate)
  • Type #0: 40 to 50 degrees Celsius (extreme heat climate)
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Our grout is specially formulated for use with standard drills.

  • Concrete slabs: Use for demolishing thicker concrete slabs, foundations, and more!
  • Bedrock & boulders: Use for excavating, drilling, and demolishing tough landscapes, bedrock, and boulders!
  • Standard drill friendly: 1-2 inch holes, spaced up to 1 ft apart apart.
  • Easy to use: Simple to use – great for both beginner contractors and experts alike.

Additional information

Grout Type

Type #0 (extreme heat climate), Type #1 (hot climate), Type #2 (moderate climate), Type #3 (cold climate)


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