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Pneumatic Splitter

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Quick and controlled rock and concrete breaking – made easy!

Our Pneumatic Drill operates in a quiet and pollution-free process for rock and concrete breaking without the need for explosives.



Pneumatic Splitter

You can maintain full control over the direction of breaking, ensuring precise and efficient rock splitting with this awesome piece of equipment! Our Pneumatic Drill's are designed with user-friendliness in mind, making the entire process easy and accessible for all.

How To Use A Pneumatic Drill For Your Rock / Concrete Breaking Project

First, start by drilling precise holes into rocks or concrete surfaces. Following this, insert specialized pneumatic splitting rods into these holes, setting the stage for the creation of controlled cracks within the rocks. This meticulous splitting process ultimately allows for the effortless breaking of rocks into manageable pieces.

We operate as both a full-service provider as well as sell and supply products for busting rock and concrete. From full interior concrete removal to precision blasting jobs. Most of our work is in the alternatives necessary when high explosives are not permitted. We specialize in expanding grout, drill and break and custom jackhammering. We’re here to help you complete your project when the going gets tough. Making the impossible possible.

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