NEXPRO EXPANDING GROUT is an eco-friendly solution for the demolition of concrete or Rock. Because of its composition, it is the most powerful of its kind on the market today. After the mixed slurry is poured into pre-drilled holes, the agent achieves incredible PSI during reaction expansion, this agent will break the strongest of material from reinforced concrete with rebar to the hardest of granite and is safe to use without a training course. Just follow our instruction guide in each box, including a ruler, safety gloves, dust mask, and earplugs.

Ideal for 2 inch hole drilling, great for breaking concrete pool bases, bed rock for small sites and single projects, concrete slabs, foundations, etc.




All our products & services are continuously tried, tested, used, and improved by experts in the rock and concrete breaking industry.

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Type 0 (40° to 50°), Type 1 (25° C to 40° C), Type 2 (10° C to 25° C), Type 3 (-5° C to 10° C)

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