BLACK GOLD EXPANDING GROUT is a Canadian developed Expanding Grout, an eco-friendly solution for Concrete or Rock’s demolition. Black Gold is changing the way contractors look at rock breaking scenarios due to its strength and tenacity. The grout slurry can be poured into 3-4″ holes, and the spacing can be between 4′ – 8.’ Apex developed the agent to react slower in the rock which significantly reduced the risk of blowouts making it safe to use on long term job sites. This incredibly powerful expanding grout is available now!

Use in drilled 3-5 inch holes, spaced up to 4-8 ft apart. Less holes, less drilling, less grout – less money spent on your large scale blasting, drilling, and excavating projects!




All our products & services are continuously tried, tested, used, and improved by experts in the rock and concrete breaking industry.

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Type 0 (40° to 50°), Type 1 (25° to 40° C), Type 2 (10° C to 25°C), Type 3 (-5° C to 10° C)

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