Announcing An Exciting New Partnership: RDM Enterprises & Rock Busters

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We at Rock Busters are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with RDM Enterprises, a renowned full-service contractor known for its extensive equipment fleet and comprehensive site preparation services. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both our companies, enhancing our capabilities and offering unmatched value to our clients.

Expanding Horizons with RDM Enterprises

RDM Enterprises, with its impressive array of heavy equipment available for hourly rental and its expertise in excavation, site preparation, final grading, and project management, brings a wealth of resources and experience to this partnership. By joining forces, we at Rock Busters and RDM Enterprises will deliver even more efficient and comprehensive solutions for a wide range of construction and demolition projects.

Enhanced Capabilities and Client Benefits

For us at Rock Busters, this partnership means access to a vast fleet of cutting-edge machinery, enabling us to take on larger and more complex projects with unparalleled precision and speed. The synergy between our specialized breaking and demolition expertise and RDM Enterprises’ robust equipment and project management capabilities will allow us to offer seamless and integrated services to our clients.

RDM Enterprises stands to benefit from our deep industry knowledge, innovative rock and concrete-breaking techniques, and expert servicing teams. Together, we will tackle challenging projects that require both precision demolition and comprehensive site preparation, ensuring the highest standards of safety, efficiency, and quality.

A Vision for the Future

Dennis Wager, our Owner at Rock Busters, expressed his enthusiasm: “We are incredibly excited about this partnership with RDM Enterprises. Their extensive resources and industry experience perfectly complement our specialized services. This collaboration will not only enhance our operational capabilities but also allow us to deliver exceptional results to our clients. We look forward to a fruitful relationship that drives growth and innovation for both companies.”

About Rock Busters

We at Rock Busters are a premier provider of rock and concrete breaking services, specializing in blasting, breaking, splitting, and sawing. With a dedication to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction, we have established ourselves as a leader in the industry, delivering innovative solutions for a wide range of projects.

About RDM Enterprises

RDM Enterprises is a full-service contractor offering a broad spectrum of services, including excavation, site preparation, final grading, and project management. With a large fleet of equipment available for hourly rental and a commitment to excellence, RDM Enterprises has become a trusted name in the construction industry.

This partnership marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for both Rock Busters and RDM Enterprises, promising enhanced capabilities and superior service delivery to our clients.

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